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Why you should trust us?
Being an IT Services company for home users we are more different to your average Computer Shop or IT Specialist because our focus has always been on YOU!! “The Customer”. Here at Computer Gentle we are friendly and talk with “Simple Plain English” explaining, finding and getting to the most agreeable solution to fit in with your budget.

We offer you the upmost in high quality repairs and upgrade services in your home or workplace, so there is no need to worry about un-plugging your computer and having to pack it up and transport it to a shop.
Occasionally your PC may need to be taken to our well equipped workshop. In this case, all repairs will hopefully be completed as soon as possible, and your PC returned to you fully serviced. All pickups and drop offs are FREE, all you have to do is ask.
All repairs are carried out by engineers with over 10 years of experience. With this done we will give you a courtesy call back between 14-21 business days to make sure everything is OK. (In which case) If there is anything wrong we would be happy to fix the problem at no extra cost. The most important part for you the customer is we will not leave you in the dark, so there is a chance you should expect some calls when we are repairing your PC/Laptop. This allows you to be updated with the progress of your repair/services.

  • New and refurbished pc’s, laptops and TFT screens
  • External hard drive
  • USB wifi dongle
  • Ethernet cable, USB cables, VGA cables and other cables
  • Plus many other items
  • Repairs
  • Crashing
  • freezing
  • running slow
  • overheating systems
  • screen replacement
  • water damage
  • blue screen
  • faulty power/dc jack
  • any fault whatsoever
  • Virus removal
  • spyware
  • adware
  • pop ups
  • malware
  • trojans
  • data miners
  • Troubleshooting
  • internet connection
  • wireless connection
  • networking
  • sharing printers/networks
  • Tune up
  • optimise settings/performance
  • make you machine run faster
  • faster internet browsing
  • remove pop ups
  • check for spyware
  • clean dust/lubricate fans
  • upgrade cables
  • add latest driver updates
  • Upgrades
  • operating system
  • memory
  • processor
  • hard drive
  • sound card
  • graphics card
  • cases
  • Software installation
  • operating system
  • virus protection
  • printers/scanners drivers
  • driver downloads/updates
  • Plus many other services
  • data cleansing
  • data transfer
  • data backup
  • data recovery
  • advice on upgrades
  • adding new capabilities
  • wired / wireless networking
  • custom built pc’s
  • emergency repair service

If your not sure whether you should use our services please read the following reviews and also look into Yell Directory to see what why customers have given us full 5 Stars.

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